Spider Dance

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Reviewed on Expert+

This map is a fantastic rendition of Spider Dance. The patterning and the rhythm of the blocks match up perfectly the to music.

As the song rotates and shifts its "primary" instrument, so does the map change accordingly to "follow" the beat of that instrument. You always feel like you're playing the main bit of the song. There are also hardly any repeated patterns, thus keeping the player engaged with fresh ideas and moves throughout.

One word about the difficulty: this map is pretty easy for an Expert+. However, I would much rather play a perfectly charted song than one that is deliberately difficult. This map is probably as hard as this song can go without the difficulty feeling forced, so I will gladly take it. It might also be worth noting that for a map with such high block density, there were hardly any readability issues. There were a few eye-level blocks, but they would only ever be on one side of the screen.

This is definitely a recommend from me!

Mapper: squeaksies

from Undertale OST
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