DJ Okawari – Luv Letter

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Flower Dance's Little Brother

Luv Letter, by the same author (DJ Okawari) and map maker (Squeaksies) as Flower Dance, is a peaceful piano dominated tune with a less peaceful beatmap.  The song itself is one you could sit back and fall asleep to, but the map can tire you out pretty quickly with its high note count.

Though Luv Letter is almost always throwing a stream of notes at you, these notes are easy to read, typically flow very well, and and well tuned to the dominating sounds of the map.  I have high praise to Squeaksies for their choice of which sounds to note, and which sounds to place lighting events for - the lighting in this map is excellent, attuned to different sounds than the ones the notes are.  These features combined manage to make a map almost as beautiful as the song itself.

I have only two gripes with this beatmap.  One particular distaste is for a pattern is three double-hits packed so close together you must hit them with the tip of your saber lest you accidentally hit one behind it, and its smaller one-handed variants - particularly the left-handed version that travels away from your left hand (don't worry lefties, there's a right handed one too!).  My other distaste is for the four-note one-handed drumrolls, especially the part where both hands are going at once.  This section burns you out quickly.  Of course, both these things are subjective (as is the nature of beat saber), and many people have no issue for these sections.  There is also a lack of difficulties to choose from, though this does not affect me personally.

Mapper: squeaksies

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