Ringside – Rhythm Heaven Fever (Dance Map) – by Tsunku

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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It has some memorable patterns and for a short duration song, it kept me entertained and left me wanting to repeat. The song is catchy and fun. The difference between difficulties is well done. Once I found out it was modeled after a dance-ish trend, it raised the bar a little bit on the execution of pattern to make players 'pose for the fans'.

Mapper: Todokete

Expert, Hard, Normal
Full, Manual Lighting
If you don’t do a strongman pose every time it says “Pose for the Fans!” then you did not beat this map. I will contact scoresaber admins and remove you from the leaderboards. I’ll do it.
Normal is just the wrestler’s lines/posing sections, the other two have actual beat saber bits in-between.
Youtube Preview:

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