Star Sky – Two Steps From Hell

Difficulties Hard Expert
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Curator's note

Mapping has definitely evolved from when it just started. I'm a little late to the party but I'll be damned if I didn't review this new map from Ejiejidayo! To say that this map is great is an understatement. In the hyper walls level, it is quite the experience. Backed by a magnificent track, Eji gives us a grand environment to match.

The patterns flow well and it isn't too hard to play. Anyone with a solid few hours of Beat Saber experience under their belt can definitely try their hand at this level. If you think you played poorly, it's highly likely because you are distracted at the environment Eji sends you to in this map.

However, do note that since there are a lot of walls in the Hyper Wall level, you would need at least a fairly decent PC to play the map without lagging too much.

Mapper: ejiejidayo

Normal wall — 43 walls
Hyper wall — 6631 walls

doodle 🙂

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Comments (17)
  1. jkretch22 says:

    Fantastic! Great map, great music

  2. Anova8 says:

    I can get the map to start, but about 5-10 seconds later I automatically fail the level each time even though there aren’t any blocks yet 🙁 Does anyone know how to fix this?

  3. Glenn says:

    where and how do i get this extension i’m too stupid to find or install it who can help me

    1. mizamook says:

      In case you’re still looking for the answer:

      To install a mod … in this case “Mapping Extensions”

      Go into BMBF in the Quest, over on the right side, just near the Start Beatsaber button, there is a little world icon. Click it .. go to (have to click careful else you will hit the start BS button)

      Then big page telling about the mod .. the tab to the right is where you scroll through and download/install (then sync to Beatsaber like a map)

      Make sure you go to your Mods tab in BMBF and check that the mods are turned on.

      Totally worth the effort, and I hope this helps.

  4. colbzc says:

    would love to try on Quest, but the steps to get it working on the quest are a little intimidating for me.

  5. Cody G says:

    I can’t even get this song to load, it just spins on the beatsaber menu, any ideas?

    1. algott says:

      same problem, how to solve?

  6. icekiss says:

    Just played it on the quest (after managing to install Mapping Extensions).
    Yeah, it lags a bit. But whatever, it pasted it grin on my face that is NOT going away.
    Great song, great mapping, and an outstanding light show.
    Fully recommended, just for the experience alone!

    1. Mioki says:

      What mapping extension have you installed? I am on 1.13.2 and there are many mods. Which one is the one I need for this song?


  7. Jzero08w says:

    This is the most beautiful beat saber map I have ever played!! Thanks for all the love and passion you put into all of your maps!

  8. Csirus says:

    Sick light show! Some pretty fun sections in here, but found myself getting distracted by the amazing lights lol. Great work eji!

  9. quantum says:

    Can’t seem to get this to run on my Quest with BeatOn.

    1. Lassy says:

      same for me, what a shame its my favorite of TSFH…. T.T
      please if someone can fix it, will be very appreciated!

      1. quantum says:

        Found out how to get it to work. ejiejidayo used some special walls that need a mod to be installed. You can download this MappingExtensions mod here.

        1. Lassy says:

          thanks but how to install?

          1. acfs says:

            How’d you install?

          2. Lassy says:

            nvm made it to work!! and man I’m so impress the expert level is amazing!!!! feel like a different game…

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