Burn – Ellie Goulding

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert
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Reviewed Expert:

BennyDaBeast does it again! Being a competition dancer himself, Benny has the ability to inject the joy of dancing into his songs he maps and creates patterns that not only flow well, but get you to dance and shake that thing your momma gave you.

Burn is incredibly well crafted with thought out patterns, lighting that changes just at all the right times and the ability to create arm-stretching patterns that are still easy to read. If you're a fan at all of Ellie Goulding or electronic / pop / dance music, I highly recommend this one!

Mapper: bennydabeast

Difficulties: Expert, Hard, Normal
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Comments (4)
  1. Larkspeed says:

    58 missing notes at the end of the song, impossible to FC or get a decent accuracy percentage on.

  2. Edzlev says:

    In hard mode there is notes after the ending of the song that you can’t get. This is quite annoying when trying to get full combo.

    1. DevDoc says:

      +1 very frustrating that I had to watch the replay several times to determine it was impossible. Great map otherwise.

  3. CombatGerbil says:

    Doesn’t score Rankings correctly in “hard” setting. I have scored “S” ranking while playing, only for it to show an “A” rating at the end. The scoreboard shows there are allegedly over 500 cuts available, there aren’t.

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