Tanuki – Babybaby

Difficulties Expert
29 4
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Babybaby is a great futurefunk song that I'm glad got mapped. As for the mapping itself, I would say this is a good map to play.

The patterning is simple but varied enough to be satisfying. The rhythm matches well to the music, alternating seamlessly between different the different sections of the song: tame during the verse, colorful when the chorus hits.

Technically, there are minor issues with eye-level blocks, as well some awkwardly placed downward slices on high blocks. However those are minor complaints that don't really make or break the song.

As a whole, the song is satisfying, but nothing here particularly stands out as being stellar. As a fan of the music, I would have liked to see something more special, but at the end of the day I still enjoy coming back to this track. Would recommend for anyone down for a good filler song.

Mapper: Dreszczyk

Only expert. Video preview:

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