Friday Night – Vigiland

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
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Heisenbergirl almost always makes sure that you would be able to work your way up to playing his Expert songs.

If you are having trouble playing it, try out the Normal/Hard levels before making your way up to Expert.

Cube placements are interesting especially at the beginning when Vigiland sings "he just stood there with a stupid grin" and you are forced to hit the cubes in the shape of a smile.

Excellent fluidity in the 2nd verse as Heisenbergirl forces you to move your body in a manner not unfit for the song, just different. It is frankly one of my favourite patterns to learn when I started out playing.

Overall a fun map with superb pattern and flow!

Mapper: Heisenbergirl

Sweet house music. Love this song.
Comes with Normal, Hard and Expert levels.
Feedback on issues is always welcome! Check out my other songs by searching Heisenberg on!

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