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Talent Shredder

Difficulties Expert Expert+
83 14
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Mapper: Miku

Decided to try my hand at a challenge map and Talent Shredder desperately needed a remap, so this happened. It was my goal that Talent Shredder live up to its name. Way out of my normal style of song to map, but I tried my best. Hope you enjoy!

Big thanks to my testers for killing their arms for me <3
If you have feedback on the map, please message me on discord @ Miku#4950

-Talent (Expert) is almost the same map, but without the difficulty spike.
-Shredded (ExpertPlus) is considered a challenge map and is overmapped on a couple sections to make it challenging, with a huge difficulty spike in the middle. Be ready!

Song: Talent Shredder
BPM: 280
NJS: 24 (both difficulties)

Edit: Re-uploaded to fix a double up red.

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