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[90 Lane] Running in the 90’s – Max Coveri

Difficulties Expert Expert+
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Mapper: Joetastic

Prepare to be running in the 90s and by 90s, we mean 90 lanes.

WARNING! 90 LANE MAP. Not everybody can play this. Make sure you have sufficient space to play (Which definitely has to be outdoors). Mapping extension mod required. You can use the 90 Lane Test Map to slowly check if you have the space and tracking for it (Download here:

There is also a 9 lane version which has 10 times less lanes but you should still check that you have sufficient space.

Credits to @Auros and his Hellmapper editor for being able to let mappers map outside of 6 lanes and credits to @Kolezan for editing the 4 minute version of “Running in the 90’s” into a 2 minute version. This map is made for @TougeVR’s #ProjectSprint, a collab with @QTpop_Twitch and @ruirize.

Check out the teaser video here!

& (There was a mismap in the video which has been fixed in this map)

“Running in the 90’s” is a Eurobeat techno song composed by Italian disco artist Maurizio De Jorio under the stage name Max Coveri. The song achieved mainstream popularity when it became part of the soundtrack of the 1998 racing anime series Initial D.

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Comments (5)
  1. zander says:

    How large of a Guardian will I need? Or should I just turn guardian off completely and have a friend keep me from hurting myself?

  2. Korint4 says:

    This is why in the future every vr headset comes with a private park.

  3. Dan says:

    Is there a mod custom made for this, or did you use another? If you used another, where is it?

    1. stringlapse says:

      You need MappingExtensions

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