Daft Punk – One More Time

Difficulties Expert+
828 130
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Mapper: 219278

this is an extremely old map of mine. in fact it is my first map ever made. of course im not going to reupload it full of issues so i remapped a large amount of it and added lighting (which it never had oof lol).
The mapping style is pretty ancient, but it has no missmaps and the flow is decent. Also note that i have absolutely no idea what the bpm of this song is. i had to go in and manually move the notes around with an 8th accuracy to make them be on point.
Even then some things will feel slightly off or finicky i think i was supposed to use shuffle on this song but i didn’t know that way back when (what is it, a year now?) i first made this map.
man this map brings back so many memories…

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