Blaexe Rock

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name

Difficulties Hard Expert
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Review of Expert:

A fun map that does justice to the original song. Mapping matches the music well. The song is a bit repetitive and so is the mapping, but that’s to be expected. The patterns aren’t complex, unique or necessarily creative, but they certainly fit the song well.

Patterns express the anger the singer is letting out in the song (fantastic song to play if you’re upset ;-) )

One part that felt unique was the “fly swatter” section. The song lyrics go “F-you, I won’t do what they tell me” and there’s these annoying little blocks that come at you that you have to swat away. :-)

Overall, a map is definitely worth playing if you don’t mind a bit of anger being let out and some swearing. Unlike a lot of custom maps, it’s well made so it won’t be you doing the swearing this time.

Mapper: Blaexe

Update. Added “Hard” difficulty and refined “Expert” here and there.

Please provide feedback as this is (still :)) my first beatmap. Video will be added in the comments section!

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