176 – ikazuchi

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
12 16

Mapper: mofumofu

※Second Re-upload※
Title: 176 – ikazuchi
composer: saradisk
Original Song:
This map was the first time I made it.
Since it was made for the time being, I uploaded it.
Good Luck, Have Fun!

Although the rotation part of Expert+ seems to be overdone, it is confirmed by test play that the combo cannot be cut.
I think I can clear it, but I think the FC difficulty level is high.
Please note that Expert+ is a fun and experimental map.
…I wanted to put that rotating part and big movements. I’m sorry.(´ . .̫ . `)

Fixed one Easy Map bomb missing.
Reduced the blind spots in the Expert map and slightly changed the Notes placement.
Overall we gained a map speed.
→Reduced Expert+ Notes speed.
(But this is a little faster than Expert.)

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