The Accountants, Justin Roiland & Casper – WhosThatInTheTree (Short Edit)

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Mapper: CustM-MAPr

The Accountants, Justin Roiland & Casper – WhosThatInTheTree (prod. Silkersoft & hnrk)

Explicit Lyrics Warning!

This is the catchy intro track you hear the beat to at the beggining of Accounting+.

It is mapped to the lyrics for the most part, Only exception is the intro. I cut the track short removing Bones verse
from the end *Sorry Bones Fans*, It changed the feel of the map too much plus shorter songs are just a bit nicer to play.

I tried to make it flow as it was a bit too difficult to play at first with too many vision blocking blocks
so I made quite a few revisions until I felt it was more enjoyable to play but still challenging.
I haven’t mapped it to every word I left small breather gaps here and there.

This is only really classed as Hard because of it’s 240bpm (120bpm & 240bpm Really but the Lyrics are 240bpm)
once you run it through you’ll get used to it.

I’ve tried to include imagery for the lyrics within the track. Some of it works, others not so much.
There are bombs but they are more for decoration, only a few you could potentially hit by accident once
you know the map.

I think my favourite bit of this Map is Justin Roilands cough.

Playthrough Video From Quest Headset:

Original Music Video Here On CrowsCrowsCrows YouTube Channel:

Silkersoft Soundcloud:

Accounting+ Official Website

Enjoy! I really hope people find it fun to play.

Thanks to the Beat Saber Community and everyone involved in keeping this amazing place running.

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