Overdose – Bossfight (feat. Philip Strand)

Difficulties Easy Expert Expert+
113 8
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Mapper: KuritsaDBS

Requires Mapping Extensions to play! REUPLOADED now with Mapping Extensions as a requirement to play. Now you can’t play without the correct plugin so the map won’t break for anyone!

Song: Overdose by Bossfight feat. Philip Strand
Info: 3 difficulties, requires Mapping Extensions
-Overdose: Expert+ level that boasts the best feeling of the playable difficulties.
-Maulverdose: A slightly less Expert+ level very similar to Overdose, but with minor changes to certain patterns so the map can be comfortably played in Maul mode
-Lightshow: Literally only has the lighting events. No notes, no walls, just some cool lights I am really proud of

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