You Me and Gravity – Koven, Crystal Skies

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Mapper: tranquillizeme

My first Chroma map!

Yes, I made a Chroma map all by myself! I tried to make this song really high quality compared to my other maps. Well… high-ER quality. Most of mine are light-mapped nowadays.

If you are unfamiliar with what Chroma is, or what it does, watch the light-show here! (I’ve made a small amount of edits since the making of this video but it’s still accurate). All the changes in color are made possible with the Chromalite mod:

The Chromalite mod is now on Mod Assistant!

You’d be surprised by how many maps you’ve played that actually had Chroma lighting mapped for them too!

You Me and Gravity – Koven, Crystal Skies | 112 BPM | Lightshow, Hard, Expert, and Expert+ Difficulties | Fully mapped with custom Chroma lights made entirely by me!


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