Hexagonial Rock

sana – Packet Hero

Difficulties Expert+
71 34

Mapper: Hexagonial

Ready for your love

This song was really hard to light.


Souk_ (www.twitch.tv/souk_)
Lebandit915 (www.twitch.tv/lebandit915)
AntRazor (https://www.youtube.com/user/AntRazorPlay)

I was planning on properly watching the testplays and editing accordingly, but some ways into a video i gave up cause beat saber player can go to hell with this map am i right

===Difficulty Description===

Expert+ – Alternating colors on 1/2 patterns is too lame.

!WARNING! the second climax is experimental (pretty much as always) and may be close to impossible to pass (though I said that for Happppy song and Count down 321)

As always, feedback is welcomed, whether it be criticism (don’t say my map is trash without any detail (don’t tell me something I already know)) or praise. Just find me (Hexagonial) on the modding discord!

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