1.2. Dance

Burn – Remastered

Difficulties Easy Hard Expert
990 31
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Mapper: bennydabeast

Literally not an easter egg. Just a fix.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (4)
  1. junkb0x99 says:

    Love this one. Easy is a good warmup, Hard wears me out after the third attempt (No Fail, not paying attention to rank or score. High score records for custom maps don’t seem to work on my Quest.)

    I want to say thanks, Benny. You’ve made some challenging maps that are still accessible to n00bs like me. πŸ™‚

  2. manderia says:

    I loved the map. However, for me the Hard mode Saus it has over 500 blocks, when there are only 480 or so, which is a bit annoying when you are a perfectionist πŸ˜… but great map!

  3. BodyByBeatSaber says:

    Benny! Do the Tiesto remix next :p

  4. El Grapo says:

    Another great map, I just got beatsaber and loved the original. The updates make the song flow even better! Thanks to you, I hope to be making some maps of my own! Also, thanks for the Spencer Ludwig upload last week!

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