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King Crimson – Epitaph

Difficulties Hard
139 18
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Mapper: pixxlycube

Before you ask:
1. No, there are no jojo references. The author happened to have that name and the song was called that, so please blame Araki, not me.
2. You’re gonna be in the role of the drummer a lot, so. Ye. Expect to swing down a lot. And then don’t come crying at me like “oI pIxXlY y yOu mAKe THe mAP sO SamE dIRECtIon??” You’re the drummer, now stop crying.
3. Due to song size, I was really just able to make only one difficulty. What should I have done on the other difficulties, hm?
4. 9 minutes. A new song length record for me. Funny how the first record was held by my third song in total all the way until now.

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