Kai Wachi – Demigod [Kai Wachi Pack]

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Rexxz joins the folds of top-tier mappers

Rexxz is usually known for his easier/chill maps; today is a slight change from the ordinary.  While this map is chill in the context of the Kai Wachi collabs, it's still a step  up from what he's been traditionally known for.

Lots of fun stuff going on here:  great flow, fun song, pog lighting, interesting walls.  Rexxz shows us he has learned a lot from his earlier days.  Movements are strong and intentional with enough redirections to keep you on your toes.  Choreography is overall strong but there are some minor gripes.

20 note jump speed works okay for 150 BPM but I don't feel the note density is high enough to warrant this since the map largely feels like it should be Expert and not Expert+.  Personally 20 NJS does not ruin this map for me, but for those coming into the game with a lower energy, this may be a deal breaker.  I'd much rather see 18 NJS for this map (perhaps with 0.25 offset).  While the flow and choreography is good, I feel like I didn't see enough interesting things throughout the map.  There's some walls that spawn in during a reverse swell in the song, those walls should have been pushed 2 full beats back to perfectly match the audio of the song.  There's also bomb strips in this map.  Bomb strips suck!  It's lazy mapping used to force the player to raise their hands.  It's an overused gimmick used in so many maps that it's lost its charm entirely.  It also breaks VR immersion (bombs are going through my legs?).  Just use two bombs with a space in between instead!  These are only minor gripes, but combined they're enough to take 1 point from "Level Design".

Although it may seem I have more complaints than good things to say, do not interpret it as that.  Critiquing the finer points of mapping can take much more explanation than saying "this map is fun".  Because all mappers involved in the Kai Wachi collab are veterans, I hold them to a slightly higher standard.  Overall, the map is fun and a great exhibition of Rexxz mapping skills.  Some mapping practices could use just a bit more refinement.

Final Rating:  4.8/5

Nuke bomb strips from the existence of Beat Saber...please...

Mapper: Rexxz

Part of Kai Wachi collab | Map pack
Pack was done by Ruckus, Rexxz and Heisenberg
Mapping done by Rexxz
And big thanks to Heisenberg on the quick walling

Demigod has Hard, Expert and E+ difficulties
And Lightshow difficulty possibility aswell

And awesome release video from TougeVR which i am very thankful of –

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