[Anniversary] Face My Fears – Hikaru Utadu & Skrillex [BennyDaBeast]

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
2479 194
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Mapper: Anniversary Team

Part of the Anniversary Song Pack

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Comments (7)
  1. stitch626 says:

    the only levels that show up on my quest are easy and normal…. i really want top do hard because normal is just too easy but the notes dont show up….

    1. technotic says:

      sounds like the same issue I have. I didn’t try normal or easy. I normally play it on hard, and working on perfecting it on expert. but neither show for me. seems to be an issue since the re-release of this song/pack.

      1. elmerohueso says:

        Uploading it to beatmapper.app and then re-downloading it fixed Hard and Expert for me on the Quest as well as on the preview. Fix is very simple, so I hope the author updates this listing.

  2. technotic says:

    Using Oculus Quest. This used to work just fine for me. Then I downloaded the whole updated anniversary pack several weeks ago. the 44 song pack. since then, this has not worked for me. The music plays, but no blocks. I tried reinstalling the song. same issue. I had to factory reset my Quest for something else. I did a clean install of the new 1.3 update, installed Beat On, and installed the pack again. Same issue. I removed the pack, then added this song individually. Same issue. Any ideas? This is one of my favorites. Anyone else having this issue too, since the re-release?

  3. BaconTopHat says:

    I used to love playing this song but it suddenly broke for me a couple updates ago. The notes now popup way too close/fast on hard and expert mode. Oddly Medium and Expert+ still seem fine.
    Does anybody have a fix for this?

    1. Gehirn00 says:

      Same for me. Every other song I play is fine but this one is my favourite and it’s the best map of the song. Why did it have to be this song that broke out of my whole library 🙁

    2. Zahariel says:

      I’m having the same problem. It seems like the setting for note approach speed on Hard and Expert isn’t being recognized correctly anymore since 1.19 or 1.20? I really miss this song!

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