Diastrophism – Camellia | 7th KAC Jubeat

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Mapper: Hoppaw

Go check out Camellia other songs at https://cametek.bandcamp.com/ and support him! Amazing song artist!
Also check out his newest album (at the time of this post) at https://cametek.jp/black/ !

His social medias:


Thank you, Oddloop, for the awesome lights.
Check out his maps at:

Contact Hoppaw#2891 for any feedback you have on this map.
Discord: https://discord.gg/nUs9Fmf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealHoppaw

Map Preview:

Map info;

Song: Diastrophism
Song Link:

Genre: Video Game
Author: Camellia
Length: 2:05
BPM: 228

[C A L A M I T Y]
NJS: 21
Notes/Second: 8.95
Notes: 1,122
17% Top Row
56% Bottom Row

[C A T A S T R O P H E]
NJS: 18
Notes/Second: 8.75
Notes: 1,097
14% Top Row
74% Bottom Row

[D I S A S T E R]
NJS: 17
Notes/Second: 7.78
Notes: 976
7% Top Row
83% Bottom Row

[I N S A N I T Y]
NJS: 14
Notes/Second: 5.41
Notes: 679
5% Top Row
91% Bottom Row

Thank you everyone for the feedback.

Iraky is cute.

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