Wow Wow V2

Difficulties Normal Hard
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Fantastically fun map! The groove under Will Smith’s vocals makes it hard not to start dancing to. The patterns aren’t anything fancy, but they work well with the song.

Neil takes the vocals from Will Smith’s 1999 hit “Wild Wild West” and edits them (heavily) to create a more “nonsensical" take on life in the West.

The timing in the first couple seconds is off just a hair as it ramps up speed (which I know is hard to get right when our editors don’t have a variable BPM option). There’s also a few notes where I felt like if I swung where I saw the blocks visually, it would have been off time. Thankfully, by listening for the beat, everything can be played in time

Overall, a fun “hard” difficulty track that you don’t want to miss!

Mapper: SaltyStranger

A remake of my second beatmap, in Hard only but a lot more playable and on beat!

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Comments (4)
  1. dazen says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the video you posted is not his first version of that song. The video in question is a playthrough of my own attempt at making a beat map to this song and I never made a second version.

    1. TheLesserGatsby says:

      Okay, good to know! Do you have an updated video?

      1. dazen says:

        Hey, thank you for the reply. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, but my point was, that I did not make this beat map you reviewed (‘Wow Wow V2’ ID 2102) or the version before that (‘Wow Wow [V1]’ ID 367). I made my own version (‘Neil Cicierega – Wow Wow’ ID 2007) which is completely unrelated to the author of the other two beat maps. 🙂

        I just want to clear up the mix up, that my video in this review has nothing to do with the author of the beat map you are reviewing.

        Also, big thanks for taking the time to actually sit down and review beat maps, this is helping a lot!

        1. TheLesserGatsby says:

          Ohhh, okay, sorry about that! I removed the video. Let me know if you do end up having a video for it!

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