usugeman Anime Curators Electronic Vocaloid

Luka Luka Night Fever feat.Megurine Luka

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
93 166

Unique is what I would call this map as I haven't seen many songs mapped quite like it. The map itself is fun to play, but the way it is laid out males you throw your arms everywhere imaginable all the time. The flow of the song as far as ease of transitions can be awkward often, but it is still fun to play once you get the hang of it. I am by no means one of the top scorers in Beat Saber so it took me several tries to get my brain to switch to a mode that would be able to hit the right notes in many parts. Overall it is enjoyable. If you are looking for a map that is unique, challenging, and fun, try this one out.

Mapper: usugeman

Length: 4:01
BPM: 160
Easy / Normal / Hard /Expert
note: 649/745/912/933
No walls and mines

Vocaloid song
Megurine Luka

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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