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Put a Donk on it – Blackout Crew

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Very enjoyable song, very enjoyable chart. I will definitely be back to play this again, there were a few problems with certain rhythms and repetition.

As someone who enjoys the song in an ironic way it gave me a rush of nostalgia instantly and the lighting at the start was very good. Each "artist" has their own rhythm and sequence for their section of the song. Ay, that's good that Tony!

Put a Donk On It is by far the most widely known Bouncey House/Donk song of the 2000s, by Bolton based group The Blackout Crew.

It’s simultaneously a critique and parody of the Donk movement’s propensity to take popular songs from other genres and layer donk on top, but in its on right a bonafide Donk anthem.

Mapper: jenbles

Expert only, put a banging donk on your song library.

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