Chemicals – Stand Atlantic

Difficulties Expert+
9 4

Mapper: Freebird

Hey, it’s a great song, with a great point!

Spent a good amount of time on this one, I’m really proud of how it turned out, its got a lot of fun, crazy moves that I’ve never used before, but they all turned out surprisingly intuitive in the end.

If you stick with the flow on this one, it won’t let you down, the map is intended to train you early for everything you can expect later with more intensity, it might look unorthodox, but give it a run in practice a few times and trust yourself, it’s kind of like a magic-eye, I’ve always loved it when a map I’m playing does it, so I hope you enjoy experiencing that with this one as well!

Final Tagnotes: This map is meant to guide and punish you, while allowing you a fair amount of time to reposition yourself without failing. It’ll be (hopefully) difficult hitting a score similar to anyone else with multiple areas to challenge yourself with!

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated here, on my BeastSaber profile, or directly to me on Discord! Have fun guys!

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