Purphoros Electronic Pop

When Can I See You Again – Owl City

Difficulties Expert Expert+
4480 343
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Owl City has finally made it to Beat Saber!

I was ready to take a break from BEASTSABER development soon just to make it happen, but I'm glad Purphoros was the one to do it! His flowing rhythms, great, fun patterns and energy in his maps really do the songs he maps justice.

If you're at "hard" difficulty, I wouldn't hesitate to download this and play it. If you usually do expert songs, try the expert+ difficulty first.

Mapper: Purphoros

Expert and Expert+ (They’re more like hard+expert but not quite)

Thank you to everyone that supports me!
Special thanks to Dowon and the rest of my patreons, and all of my friends!

If you appreciate my hard work, and would ever like to support me you can so here.

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