Harder Better Faster Stronger – Far Out Remix – Daft Punk

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
4365 336
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Mapper: Heisenbergirl

Reupload with added extra more “normal” difficulty. A difficulty you should be able to do after ~10 hours of beat saber experience.

Expert and Expert+ are still weird 🙂

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
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  1. Berto says:

    Does the version of this song still exist (far out remix of harder better faster stronger) where there were those long slide portions when the voices stop and the instrumental comes in? This was the same version that started the song on a down slice, not an up slice. That version was SO good but I can’t find it anymore! My best guess is that you’re the same mapper that did it that time, but that you deleted/re-uploaded or something….

    I LOVE that version! Would it be possible to get access to it somehow? Thanks either way, LOVE your work!

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