Roundabout V1.5 [Updated]

Difficulties Expert+
137 27
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Mapper: TehSuperToilet

NOTICE – Mapping Extensions is required due to the nature of the walls, notes and lane usage.
Difficulty – Expert+ only
Time – 8:30
BPM – Heck consistency lets make it from 126-140+ every 5 hecking seconds (average bpm – 137)
Notes – 2,424 | Bombs – 272 | Walls – 58 | Event blocks (lighting) 5,707 | BPM blocks 97(if I counted right)
This map is technically 6 lanes, however, I did my best to compensate for small play spaces so as long as you have somewhere around a 2 meter by 2 meter play space you should be golden!
P.S. I hate bpm changes, they really slow down mapping (took me over 33 hours to map this absolute unit of a song)
Special thanks to all the people who bugged me about the song, as well as those who play-tested the chart!

Bobbie (yes that Bobbie)
That one random guy that asked to be in the mentions for spamming streamers requests for songs
Lastly, I’d like to send a special shout out to squeaksies for maintaining MediocreMapper!

– Fixed incorrect note direction during the stream @4:50-ish
– Slightly changed up some patterns to better flow (aka polished songe)
– Cleaned up some walls/made them look nicer in the editor
– Changed and polished lighting during the song
– Synced a couple of notes better
– Changed platform from KD/A to Big Mirror

If you find anything that I may may have missed, feel free to message me on the BSMG discord.

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