Xilent – Code Blood

Difficulties Hard Expert
580 21
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Mapper: Rustic

Expert / Hard

(Reupload – Added “Mapping Extensions” requirement)

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (3)
  1. megaRammy says:

    I’m so sad these Xilent maps stopped working with the 1.3 update on Quest :c Any idea why they broke/if it can be fixed?

  2. ouweRammer says:

    Oh no…. This one together with your other Xilent tracks are my favorite tracks…..
    But they don’t work anymore on the latest SideQuest, BeatOn, BeatSaber combination….
    How am I going to live…. 😭

  3. ABC says:

    Sadly, not installable on 1.3 via SideQuest+BeatOn 🙁

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