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Giorgio Moroder – 74 Is The New 24

Difficulties Hard
40 4
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The song is fairly well mapped for a hard song. The patterns are a little basic with a lot of two-handed swipes down on the downbeat, but it works okay for a “hard” difficulty.

I’d like to see a little more movement through those rhythms. I also don't like seeing 4 blocks across swipes just for the sake of putting them in. I think those should be reserved to REALLY emphasis a certain epic hit in the song. The way they were used her didn't do anything to help the pattern.

Though not a particularly memorable song, it’s still worth playing if you at all enjoy it or are looking for a solidly-timed hard map.

Mapper: Maple

Hard only!
(Though it’s a little harder than vanilla hard. But not quite expert either. Hard+? Hardspert?)

Notes: 927
Duration: 4:04
BPM: 128
Some basic lighting events.
A few obstacles.

(Preview is a little janky with an odd angle and some missed notes, but a bad preview is better then no preview! At least this way you know it’s in sync.)

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