Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight

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I nice map that does what it is supposed to do.

I remember seeing this song being constantly requested in the discord server.  I had planned to make a map myself but thought that it just couldn't be done properly.  I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I played this map.    Although the note placement did not follow the rhythmic theme in spots, ikillpxls found a way to make this work.   The slow beginning had enough variety to keep me interested while the slashing sounds of the sabers accented the song in just the right spots.  There were some very minor mapping issues where two different colored blocks were facing the same direction on the same row at the same time which prevents anyone from getting a full swing.  Although enough space was allowed to make a clean hit, I have to doc points for that.

I did not feel disappointed at the drumbreak either.  It was mapped appropriately and accomplished what it set out to achieve.

This is one of those maps that you play if you like the song.  Players who want a challenge should look elsewhere.  This is also one of those maps that probably wont get a lot of repeat plays, but it has its place in my library.


Expert – Hard – Normal | Event Lighting

Song: In the Air Tonight
Artist: Phil Collins

Genres: Rock, Alternative, Pop

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