Believe Her – Mr. FijiWiji

Difficulties Hard Expert
140 14
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Mapper: ToKaaT

-An older Monstercat song from Mr. FijiWiji, from back in 2014. Heard in it my school days, liked it and thought I’d map it. Actually manually lighted something this time.
-Thanks goes to Redmagi for testing Expert(Used to be titled Ex+, but it was too little for Ex+, thanks for the heads up and advice!)
-Length: 4:19, BPM 125
– Expert(NJS 16, 734 notes) and Hard(NJS 12, 605 notes) only.
-Questions, feedback and criticisms goes to JoshuaR001#3486; You can refer to me as Tokaat as well on the BSMG discord. Do warn me of any mismaps(if any) I may have missed in my last check before upload. Enjoy!

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