Blow – Kesha v2

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert
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Mapper: helencarnate

Just in time for July 4th – now with 100% fewer mismaps on Expert! Time to BLOW your mind with a little Ke$ha. What do you want… unicorns having a glitter gun fight? Well if Chroma were a core mod that’s what you’d get! But in the meantime, treat yourself and your beat saber newbie friends to a lovely difficulty spread of pop-y, dancey, block slicing! WARNINGS: crouch walls, James Van Der Beek HC04v2 Easy: 1.1 NPS
Normal: 1.7 NPS
Hard: 2.5 NPS
Expert: 3.5 NPS
Change Log: Fixed mismap and made a handful of tweaks on Expert, removed top row notes and adjusted NJS on Easy and normal, reduced walls on easy.

Expert difficulty playthrough

Hard difficulty playthrough

Many thanks to my numerous playtesters: Redmagi, Exce, TranquillizeMe, CyanSnow, TechButterfly, Fruhead, and Jron <3

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