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Beat Saber XIX, by KoleAb

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Mapper: Kolezan

One year of Beat Saber has passed and it’s time to go down memory lane. Or maybe you’ve just started playing Beat Saber and would like to catch up on what songs have been among the most popular ones? Then this map is for you!

A solo compilation project originally started by Ab, he asked Kolezan to help him out with the audio editing. We’ve used the original maps for the songs (with permission from the map author) to change (and hopefully improve), create updated or new difficulties based or inspired by these original maps. Ab recreated or touched up the original lights for all songs.

(Preview video will come at a later date!)

Songs and original authors:
1. Reality Check Through The Skull, by Shad
2. Through The Fire And The Flames, by Freeek
3. Believer, by Rustic
4. K/DA, by MinorSetback
5. Gangnam Style, by GreatYazer
6. Ignite, by Joetastic
7. Senpai Notice Me, by JackoDEJ
8. Overkill, by Nuketime
9. Centipede, by Purphoros
10. Routine, by Hexagonial, Splakie, Puds
11. Bubble Tea, by Roee-K
12. Rockerfeller Streets, by RinkuSenpai
13. Brain Power (SDVX), by Hexagonial, Loloppe
14. Cycle Hit, by Hexagonial, Fromen, Moriik
15. Avalanche, by Zorowo
16. Freedom Dive, by Roffle

Several months in the working, we hope this compilation makes justice to the songs and maps, and that everyone can enjoy this trip down memory lane and/or create new memories from playing our map!


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Comments (9)
  1. Judge_Fleck says:

    also is there anymore beat saber songs like this one with all the different songs mashed into one

  2. Judge_Fleck says:

    Im having issues with this song on the rift s it shows that its there it just wont load

  3. Swoleman says:

    Also having issues with this song on the quest. It just wont appear in my custom songs folder.

  4. Silverdroid says:

    Won’t install on the Quest. Too bad, I’d really like to play this.

    0f5d8673ee4e39897ead572fc98e5c1171027e6_Beat Saber XIX – Various Songs:Invalid level JSON: Input string ‘0.6’ is not a valid integer. Path ‘_difficultyBeatmapSets[0]._difficultyBeatmaps[2]._noteJumpStartBeatOffset’, line 163, position 41., 7c2d76b46ae004563a2e91a007daa272999ecc08_Belong – Slenderbodies:Invalid level JSON: Input string ‘0.4’ is not a valid integer. Path ‘_difficultyBeatmapSets[0]._difficultyBeatmaps[0]._noteJumpStartBeatOffset’, line 56, position 41., b412a4eb018fb40f2815aa969783e9fbb57154a4_Gem Shards – Must Die:Invalid level JSON: Input string ‘0.5’ is not a valid integer. Path ‘_difficultyBeatmapSets[0]._difficultyBeatmaps[0]._noteJumpStartBeatOffset’, line 30, position 41., be16ddbdb319391e6d33072373c93c798bf4cc89_We Are Your Friends – Justice:Invalid level JSON: Input string ‘0.5’ is not a valid integer. Path ‘_difficultyBeatmapSets[0]._difficultyBeatmaps[3]._noteJumpStartBeatOffset’, line 78, position 41.

    1. TheAb says:

      Hey, co-creator here!

      Are you on the latest version of Beat Saber? On the PC version, on update 1.1, decimal spawn distance offset which makes the map feel better was added. We’re not sure if Beat Saber on the Quest is behind. Do let us know if you’re sure you’re on the latest version!


      1. forty.grr says:

        Yea, version is 1.1 on quest, error is:
        JSON: Input string ‘0.6’ is not a valid integer. Thank you.

    2. Kolezan says:

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I’ll look into it.

    3. Forty.grr says:

      Hello, have the sam problem on quest. Same json error. Too bad, if you can repack it, if its too much trouble thank you anyway for bringing us content,

      1. Kolezan says:

        Thanks! I’ll look into it, hopefully it’ll work on Quest too.

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