70's Rock

We Will Rock You (2011 Remaster) – Queen

Difficulties Hard
1193 170
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Mapper: Joetastic

clap clap CLAP. clap clap CLAP.

We Will Rock You by Queen! My first time hearing this song was when I booted up Fifa on my original Playstation 1.

This version is the 2011 remaster which means its been properly digitally mastered and it’s more in sync with a proper bpm than the original (though it still has 8+ bpm shifts in it). Song has a pretty simple beat which repeats the entire song so it wasn’t too hard to map. It was so simple in fact that making the map fun and interesting was a bigger challenge :P.

In the end the mapping turned out pretty simple and the song isn’t fast at all so I’ve labeled this difficulty as “hard”.

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