Conciliation – Blazblue

Difficulties Expert Expert+
132 10
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Mapper: ToKaaT

First time mapping a chart for Beat Saber! Es’ Character theme from Blazblue Central Fiction and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.
Length: 4:21. 170 BPM.
Expert+: 4.28 NPS, NJS 18
Expert: 3.54 NPS, NJS 14

My eternal gratitude goes to all the testers for testing and giving feedback on my map, specifically:

-Redmagi and Psychotic Llama for the initial E+ chart, noticing some timing and BPM issues.
-CyanSnow and Qwasyx for their help and feedback on the awkward hits sections for E+.
-Helen Carnate for testing the initial Expert chart, and noticing it was a bit much for standard Expert.

If there’s any glaring issues I still missed with the map/upload, or you would like to give some feedback, please do message me at JoshuaR001#3486 (aka Tokaat, me) on Discord.

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