fern Electronic House Pop

Aether Realm – The Sun, The Moon, The Star

Difficulties Expert+
110 26
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Mapper: fern


This map is going for rank, while this version might not be rankable currently, I am going to push for it. Because of this, please give feedback on anything you would like changed, anything uncomfortable, anything off time, anything inconsistent, and any patterns you feel do not represent the music.

-Do not give feedback on long songe pls no rank-

This map is the culmination of 16 hours of work, and I am open to hearing any feedback on it, I more than welcome you to message me on discord at Fern#7333 or on twitter at @FernyxTweets for things you would like to see changed.

There are multiple down times during the map to allow for resting, those sections are the only ones lighted (cause of my pc crashing trying to light more) and those sections were lighted by Oddloop.

Thanks in advance for everyone who plays and gives feedback, enjoy!

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