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Le Grand Chase – Kevin MacLeod

Difficulties Easy Normal Hard Expert Expert+
35 2
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Mapper: Awagi

Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert difficulties should fit Beat Saber OST difficulties.

The whole package was created according to community best practices.

For statistic lovers:
– 166 BPM
– ExpertPlus: 5.0 notes/second, 18 NJS
– Expert: 3.85 notes/second, 16 NJS
– Hard: 2.92 notes/second, 14 NJS
– Normal: 1.52 notes/second, 12 NJS
– Easy: 1.36 notes/second, 10 NJS
– Custom lightings

Thanks to Redmagi, CyanSnow and Psychotic Llama from the Beat Saber Modding Group for reviewing the ExpertPlus diff.

Credits and legal hold

Music from
“Le Grand Chase” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (

~2 seconds of silence were added to the beginning of the song.

For the record, Kevin MacLeod makes various royalty free songs. Please visit his website at

With freeek, he also made Death to Disco, which was once the showcase map you could find in your custom maps after downloading the Song Loader mod.
Have a look and a nice day:

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