Beatsaber: Year 1 Re-imagined

Difficulties Expert+
53 59

Mapper: epicewok

A Collab many months in the making featuring a complete revisitation of some of the year one classic maps! An early warning, this is an endurance map. It has it’s difficulty spikes, and only the strongest can pass. Good luck.

Credits in order of Appearance:

Night of Knights Mapped by: Splakie
Pop/Stars Mapped by: Joetastic
TTFAF Mapped by: Psyc0pathic
YVS Mapped by: Puds (He fixed it! kinda.)
Flower Dance Mapped by: EpicEwok
Bluenation Mapped by: Amanatsu
Cycle Hit Mapped by: Xhera
Avalanche Mapped by: DankruptMemer
Believer Mapped by: DankruptMemer
Lone Digger Mapped by: Psyc0pathic
Berry Go Mapped by: EpicEwok
Reality Check Mapped by: Souk
Senpai notice me Mapped by: Amanatsu
Overkill Mapped by: Nuketime
Africa Mapped by: Mystikmol
Happppy Song Mapped by: Hexagonial
Nisemono Mapped by: Kikis
Blue Zenith Mapped by: Fraies
Daisuki Evolution Mapped by: Puds
Ievan Polkka Mapped by: Nuketime
Take on me Mapped by: Mystikmol
BRAIN POWER Mapped by: Xhera
Gangnam Style Mapped by: Joetastic
Sidetracked Day Mapped by: Fraies
Everything Will Freeze Mapped by: Fraies
Freedom dive Mapped by: Kikis
Nuclear Star Mapped by: Xhera
Tower of Heaven Mapped by: Souk
HONESTY Mapped by: Hexagonial

And a HUGE shout out to Getsix, Kikae, and EpicEwok for creating the mix!

And a BIG thanks to RedMagi and Electrostats for playtesting, Extra special thanks goes to Redmagi for sitting down and de-pegega-ing the map. You are the best, buddy. :3

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