Memory Lane – AcesToAces

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If you play Beat Saber, you're likely familiar with our #1 mapper Joetastic (pushing out insane amount of songs for all of us to enjoy, thank you for your maps, you're fantastic). Memory Lane was something that I personally enjoy a lot and a lot of it comes down to the artistic interpretation of the map. One being the use of walls for the muffled parts of the music, giving a feel of being somewhere else for a brief period of time. The angles that he forces you to move along with really accentuates the feeling of dance.

The only negative point about this map is when you exit the fake walls into an immediate double down (0.41 in the video) because if I hadn't been paying close attention (as in, if I was fully into the music and just dancing around :p) I would likely have missed it. Given the fact that the walls also make whatever comes after it sort of blurry, people may have trouble seeing it.

*Docked points from readability and pattern quality for the immediate notes after a fake wall (vision blocks).

Mapper: Joetastic

Memory Lane by AcesToAces. As requested by Vampirozzo on the modding discord’s song request channel!

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Comments (2)
  1. Joetastic says:

    It was my first time using fake walls so I didn’t realize the distortion when entering and exiting them were huge vision blocks. Definitely learnt something new from mapping this πŸ™‚

    1. Vause says:

      Thanks for recognizing it! I wrote about it because I missed it (wasn’t aware of it at the start) consistently or panic hit it when I wasn’t paying attention. I remember being surprised that there were hit sounds and realize I subconsciously hit something that I didn’t consciously register. I might have kinda seen the blue notes, but not the red one except I have the habit of swinging both arms together, I managed to hit both. The flow of it also helped towards hitting it without too much awkwardness even though I didn’t see it beforehand. But yeah, the distortion stressed me out afterwards when I realized xD

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