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Mapper: Freebird

Alright, so it’s not the best S3RL song in the world, but I heard it and I thought I might be able to learn something from it, it took me a while to bang out, but I’m happy with where it is, albiet unconventional. It’s very jumpy, it goes from a casual relaxed pace to in-your-face intensity with plenty of breaks in between.

This is not mapped completely surrounding the rules of flow, as with most of my S3RL maps, they are meant to challenge your reflexes and introduce new patterns, but not in a way that is unfair to you, with plenty of opportunities to focus on getting extra points in your own chosen perfected zone(s) in this song according to your own unique specializations, I hope you have fun competing, and hopefully learning some new moves in the process on this one.

Bonus points if you get the humor in relation to the speaking parts. 🙂

*Practice advisory:
I would highly recommend playing this through first on no fail, it’s a fast-moving dance track, and with some things I personally have never seen done before, it only gets more difficult until the end. I hate doing that to you guys, but it’s what I felt was right for this one.

As always I welcome any and all feedback on my BeastSaver page, or you can find me in Discord, your critiques only help me to improve and create better content for you in the future! I hope you guys have fun with this one!


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