Unlogix – Storm

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Mapper: Jolts

This is my first attempt at making a custom map for Beat Saber so cut me some slack. I like this song and wanted to make variations of difficulty instead of just expert+. I don’t know if I set the difficulty right or not as I haven’t tried it out personally yet.

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  1. Jolts says:

    I see people disliked my attempt at making a map. For one its free, im not a dev for Beatsaber, I don’t get payed to do this and I didn’t make you download it and they allow you to preview the map before you download it so I have no understanding for the hate. To be honest I made the map to get better understanding how it works to make a Beatsaber map for the knowledge. I learned off of one video and made a attempt. I only used 3 hours of my time to make the 3 levels of difficulty. Most of those other guys just make one or two levels(usually just expert+ I notice and they get tons of praise from the community and it takes them many days to create just one level and they usually get lots of help from others who have experience making a map. I have a do it yourself and figure it out myself attitude. While everyone has a right to there opinion, I think the expectations on here are ridiculous. For one im not a YouTuber or someone who finds a way to get any money from this. I have a real job (I don’t live in my moms basement and make Beatsabers maps or play Beatsaber all day like some in here) Preview the map before downloading it, if you don’t like it don’t download it. Im definitely not gonna waste several of my days making a map for free wasting many hours of my life to make just one map and get everything perfect. The rhythm and the flow pattern isn’t perfect, so what its free and I to be honest made it for myself just to learn to be honest. The dislikers can honestly go suck a goat.

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