NOW Thats What I Call B.S. VOL.1

Difficulties Expert
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Mapper: TehSuperToilet

A mashup of some popular Beat Saber custom songs =P
Beats: 1,060 | BPM 150 | Notes: 1,581 | Time: 7:04
Expert only (but don’t be afraid its not TTFAF)

This is a colab that ReddRumn, A Pervy Sage, and I (SuperToilet) made. It features Believer, Awe, Cascade, and a few other songs in a remix. Our goal was to make a mashup of what we felt were fun and popular maps and combine all of them into one long Beat Saber track.

Feel free to give a special thanks to ReddRumn for doing an awesome job editing the audio. We couldn’t have done it without him.

And lastly, a special thanks to the following people for letting us use their charts to make this happen! (there are also links to the original songs if you would like to check out the full versions)

Imagine Dragons – Believer : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=31
Prototyperaptor – Awe : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=953

Flower Dance – DJ Okawari : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=596

Every Time We Touch – Cascada : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=383

Stonebank – Be Alright : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=1567

DM DOKURO – Reality Check : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=906

Marshmello – Alone : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=1379

and my map ;D
JoJo’s Op 4 : https://beatsaver.com/details.php?id=565

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