Doubt – twenty one pilots

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert Expert+
2014 35
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Don't forget a-bou-bou-bou-bou-bout this map...

This song is an absolute bop and fruhead did a great job representing it in Beat Saber.  Let's get right into the nitty-gritty.

The first question on everyone's mind is "does it have flow?" and yes it does.  Not only does it flow, but it really places emphasis on when the movement really need to go wide.  When the vocalist sings the main lines of the chorus, fruhead has mapped it to where you're swiping really wide for that section.  The flow in this map is excellent and really makes you feel like you're a part of the song.  My issue with the patterns lie in it's overuse of overlapping hitbox notes (two diagonal notes placed adjacent to each other).  Because these notes are trickier to hit than normal, and once you know of it, it is harder to let loose in a map.  Because of this, I must take off one point from "Fun Factor".

Twenty One Pilots makes great party tunes; they're real crowd pleasers.  Many songs are so popular that people en masse have memorized the lyrics to them, however, this song is not quite at that status.  When Fruhead mapped to the lyrics in some parts of this (e.g. beats 66-68 of the map) I had to question the reasoning of this because it didn't feel very natural to me.  For that, I will remove one point from "Rhythm".

This map belongs in everybody's game:  it's a banger, it has 4 difficulties, and it's just downright fun.

Overall Rating:  4.7/5

Mapper: fruhead

Nice relaxing and laid-back experience, even on Expert/Expert+. In-game voting is fixed too, so don’t forget to update your mods!

BPM: 123

Notes: N – 409 ; H – 487 ; Ex – 668 ; Ex+ – 720
Walls: N – 68 ; H – 42 ; Ex – 41 ; Ex+ – 40
Bombs: None!

Thanks to helencarnate and Qwasyx for playtesting!

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