Break It (Balloon Party)

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
26 8
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Mapper: bestowalcrib90

8th mapping. 2nd in a set of 4 songs from various Brony (fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) tracks that will be mapped.

Hard, Expert, and Expert+ are available and are ideally exponential in difficulty. Custom lighting.

WARNING: Song is nearly 5 minutes long and contains excessive block count even on Hard. Proper warm-up may be required before playing.

Descriptions of difficulties for tracks mapped:

Easy : Simple. Many absolute beginners should have little problem here; testing with beginners is always preferred but not always possible.

Normal : Standard. All emphasized beats are covered; Easy is often a slightly diminished version of this.

Hard : Rhythmic. Experienced players can increase their physical movement without sacrificing performance, or newer players won’t have an incredibly steep learning curve.

Expert : Technical. This is usually either a diminished Expert+ or the base map of tracks that prioritize logical block placements over rhythm.

Expert+ : Maximum Technical. These are usually designed to have all possible logical block placements, and block speed is sometimes increased for better readability.

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