Teminite & Swingit Dixieband – Party Like It’s 1923 (V2)

Difficulties Expert
629 13
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Mapper: nitronik.exe

Feedback on Discord: nitronik.exe#7974

A map to dance! Hope you like it. The old version was too fast so this is a reupload with minor changes


Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
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  1. junkb0x99 says:

    Swing, swing, swing, swing – this could be the (unofficial) theme for Beat Saber.

    Not sure I’m qualified to rate anything yet, as I’ve only had my Quest for a week, and the custom tracks working for about two days.

    I can barely keep up with this map, even with No Fail and Lower Speed selected, and I’m having too much fun to realize just how badly I’m bombing. I came looking for a workout, and this one kicks my @ss in all the right ways. 🙂

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