WinEpic J-Pop

Uso no Hibana (v2 – fixed)

Difficulties Expert
875 39
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I might be bias in this review but....

This is my favorite map so far.
I love this song and the mapping of it.
It literally makes me dance.
V2 fixed the missing 3 notes we couldn't get.
If you liked Scum's wish, (or even if you hated it),
that anime's sound track was amazing.
And so was this map.

Mapper: WinEpic

My original version had 3 notes long the end of the song that made getting a full combo impossible. I’m really sorry about that.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (2)
  1. elliotttate says:

    I’m sorry about that. It’s been fixed!

  2. KatoFW says:

    Why is there no download link?

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