Difficulties Expert+
1 7

Mapper: midir

— Update 1 [11/05/2019]: I’ve fixed most of the totally weird angles and only reserved the unique angles for very few moments, and fixed a bunch of mismaps and really weird spots that shouldn’t have been mapped the way they were. I really hope it’s better now! I’m still open to criticisms, however I must clarify this map is meant for very high level players to be passed no mod.


Hi, this is my first map that I’ve decided to release publicly, as I’ve been experimenting with mapping on my own for a little less than a month. I am releasing this in a not totally finished state because I want opinions and criticisms on it because I really love this song and I want to get it right before I light it and release a complete version.

If you would like to tell me your feedback or contact me, my discord tag is midir#5177. I am in the beat saber modding discord too, if you want to contact me from there. I’m busy a lot nowadays so it might take me a bit to respond. Thanks for playing my map!!

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