Naetholix Metal

Straws Pulled at Random – Meshuggah

Difficulties Normal Hard Expert
189 13
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Mapper: Naetholix

Length: 5:06
#Metal #Djent #Polyrhythm
Meshuggah’s seventh song from their “Nothing” album. This map is best-suited to people who enjoy this type of music; others might find it a bit disjointed or the polyrhythms too unfamiliar to follow along.
Song is a bit overdriven because the note strikes in game were masking the song too much, so I had to add compression to raise the volume. It’s more noticeable in the browser previews, but sounds acceptable in the game.

Fun Factor0
Pattern Quality0
Level Quality0
Comments (1)
  1. Ronsterrrrr says:

    Awesome map!! Thanks so much for this one.
    It’s my fave so far.
    Too bad you didn’t create any more. 🙂

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