[Airtone Song Pack #1] Piobaireachd of the Red Glens by Ryusuke Fujioka

Difficulties Hard Expert Expert+
44 14
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Mapper: SilentCaay

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This pack contains 5 of my favorite songs from the game in 3 difficulties. For each pack I plan to have a mix of a few songs with vocals, a few without and at least 1 high tempo song that makes for a very hard E+ map. No attempt was made to duplicate the original maps since the mechanics are a bit different but I did take some inspiration whenever I could. I plan to make at least 2 packs but hopefully 3.

Hard (313 notes, 12 walls, 0 bombs)
Expert (558 notes, 2 walls, 0 bombs)
Expert+ (751 notes, 2 walls, 0 bombs)
Full event lighting
Time – 2:17
BPM – 130

Expert Preview:

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